The Benefits of Closing Off HVAC Floor Ducts

Floor_DuctWith the rising cost of heating and cooling homes many people are exploring the advantage of closing off HVAC floor ducts to save on expense and energy.  The problem is knowing whether or not this step is actually beneficial in the long run.  The answer is it depends on the room and what it is used for.  You will need to carefully evaluate your individual situation in order to know if this method of heat and cooling control is actually to your benefit.  Read on for some ideas on how to determine the best course of action for you and your family.

Closing Off HVAC Floor Ducts

In determining if you should be closing off HVAC floor ducts to encourage more effective heating and cooling benefits you should first figure out which areas of the house are giving you a hard time.  Let’s say one of the rooms in your home you only use for storage stays very hot regardless of the weather conditions.  In this case, it is likely that closing off the duct may benefit your energy usage.  There is no real purpose in heating or cooling a room no one really uses.  On the other hand if the room is used and members of the family are forced to be uncomfortable due to the odd heating and cooling situation, closing off the ducts or only one of them in the room, could be effective in regulating the temperature. If, for example, you have tried closing off HVAC floor ducts and there is no significant change in your energy usage or the comfort of the temperature of the room, you may want to have the heating and cooling system checked out by a professional if you aren’t confident in your own abilities.  It could be that you have clogged ductwork somewhere in the house that is causing your problem.  There could also be some other kind of internal problem with the unit itself.  Either way, it is important to determine the cause of temperature problem to decide on the best way to correct it. Closing off HVAC floor ducts can be incredibly beneficial in some situations.  Once you have the problem corrected, you will surprised by your savings and how more comfortable your home feels.

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